Life Without Google

Yes there is an internet without GOOGLE, although, android users will be without a phone LOL. But seriously, you can surf and use the net just fine without GOOGLE. But why would you? Well for one, they have gotten so big, that now they have resorted to DATA MINING and unscrupulous tracking of what you look for, where you are from and hoards of other information.

Brief, true and funny example here:

Allow me to demonstrate and example:


In this example, I did a search for the top online games. Pretty standard results. But look closer. I have one circled, and as you can see, if you move your mouse over the link (blue) you will see the link in the bottom status bar (as noted by the orange arrow). Looks good so far right?


If you RIGHT click on that link (in this example “30 Best Free Online Games”) and paste it to note pad, you will get the following:,d.aWc

WOW!! What the hell is that? That is what will happen if you click on the link. The link you want is still there, as can be seen:

The special characters in this case are to make it web friendly (example %3a = “:”, %2f = “/” and so on).  But what is the rest? That is encrypted tracking information about your browser, computer (some info not all) where you are at, what you searched for (topic, subject and actual search info) and much more.  There are countless pages I have found to explain some of these variables, but there are a few that are a mystery. One can only assume their blatant misuse of  links, would suggest a darker use of those variables. Below are some pages I have found regarding these searches:

As you can see – searching the web via GOOGLE (along with yahoo, msn, aol and a few others) should not be cloaked with other information about what you do.  Below is a simple convert to surf NORMALLY and without someone watching over your shoulder.

There are many out there, but the top 3 that I trust and use are (in order):

  • FIREFOX:. Excellent all around browser. Proprietary software, as well as open source (so if you are not sure its safe, you can check it out yourself, and take out what you don’t want)
  • SAFARI: Clean, and simple and fast. Mostly a Mac type Browser, it is now available for PC. If you like something simple. This is perfect (especially if you are using Chrome, you will like Safari, as it is just as clean).
  • OPERA:Big daddy of them all. This USED to be a commercial browser (where you had to pay to use it), but a few years ago, turned to free. Has tons of features, including running your how webhost built right in. This is for advanced users only.

I recommend only one: It does not track your info or IP address. It is a fast clean search. I also like the fact it is laid out similar to GOOGLE so it is a smooth transition.

Surprisingly there were not many that fit what I was looking for. Good spam protection, FREE, no adds etc.. I managed to come across 2 really good ones

  • GMX.COM – Very professional looking and easy to use
  • HUSHMAIL.COM – I have used this one for many years. Has some really nice features if you want to pay (example, you can have your email self destruct LOL ) reciepts etc… But the free end is plenty for 90% of all your needs.

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